Spectroscopic Solutions for Industries ! (NIR, FTIR, Raman, LIBS, UV-VIS and Fluorescence Spectroscopy)

NANOSENS is an R&D company founded in 2008 in Ankara, Turkey. Continuing its activities with equity capital and R&D incentives, the firm develops spectroscopic solutions in food and agriculture. The products produced by company with its own brand name are presented in market. The company, which designs fast analysis systems especially for the food industry, uses spectroscopy based methods. In this scope, studies on spectroscopic methods such as NIR, FTIR, Raman and LIBS are continuing and optical accessory designs can be made for system designs and consultancy services can be provided. In addition, NANOSENS also provides services and consultancy in the field of R&D and services.


NANOSENS has created a structure that produces dynamic and fast solutions to the needs of private and public institutions with its experience and know-how.


In Turkey and in the world, it is to become a leading technology company producing proactive solutions in internationally accepted standards based on research and development.


As NANOSENS, we develop innovative and effective products in all fields of technology, especially food, which has validity all over the world, taking advantage of R & D resources and university-industry collaboration power in Turkey. While developing the products, we give the necessary attention without shifting out the views of the target groups from our own opinions and deliver them to the owners who will use the product.


Advanced Materials & Manufacturing United for LightwEighT (AMULET)

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NANOSENS has introduced three NIR devices, a feed analyzer, a milk analyzer, and an on-line process monitor for industrial use.

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MicroNIR Spectrometers  The MicroNIR spectrometer’s small form factor, its cost-effectiveness, exceptional performance, and ease of use have allowed for wider adoption and greater flexibility in installation and scalability of near-infrared spectroscopy solutions. Data and information about processes or materials can be obtained from a network of operations or locations, and used to continually optimize and improve the process thus enabling smarter factories and smarter farms.

R&D Consulting Services

R&D Consulting Services

Based on years of experience in R&D activities, NANOSENS can be your solution partner by offering consultancy services and project management consultancy from the very beginning to the end of your R&D projects. We are pleased to provide you with all kinds of support and solutions in the writing, process management and termination stages of national and international R&D projects with our team of experts in the field.

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Special Spectroscopic Solutions

Special Spectroscopic Solutions

For users working in the spectroscopic field, it can be made solutions for the design development and use of Raman, NIR, MIR, FTIR, LIBS devices for their purposes. As NANOSENS, our company enables you to benefit from all kinds of services in the process from market research to purchase of such spectroscopic devices.

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Analysis Services

Analysis Services

NANOSENS can help researchers and companies who are looking for laboratory infrastructure for their R&D studies. Thanks to our on going university-private sector partnerships, we perform routine and custom specific analysis in various different matrices.

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